Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Family Gave Me Joy!

My Wife, Daughter Adina, Rabbi Son Benji, Yosef Son In Law came to visit me in the morning. Wow, Nachos! Joy! I looked at my wife. My heart melted. I smiled inside. She is probably suffering much more than I am. "Hi Rick, (My wife calls me Rick.) You're lucky Dr. Tudor Jovin pulled a big blood clot out of your brain. It took him over an hour because the artery was looped around." Baruch HaShem!Thank You Dr. Tudor Jovin! Adina said, "He showed me your clot in a bottle. It looked gross!  Dad, Meir wanted to come and visit you. We told him to wait since he was planning to come home soon. (My oldest son Meir, who was studying for his Ph.D. In Egypt through Georgetown University.)" Wow, Benji came in all the way from Chicago! "Hi Dad, I love you!" Yosef brought an ABC chart. Everyone sang the ABC's. I pointed to the letters. Yosef asked me to say, I Love You! I first tried drawing the letters with my left hand in the air. And then I forced myself to stammer out IiiiI Lllll zoo Yyyy. Every one laughed and then clapped. Marsha started to cry. The love from my family was life-changing. It gave me tremendous encouragement, hope, courage and determination to choose life!

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