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 A Happy Healthy life : My 5 Steps.
 Stroke Survivor Success Story of
 Hope Inspiration and Courage!
 PART 2.

(Same Entertaining Genre! )

 I am overly excited about writing : A Happy Healthy life : My 5 Steps. Stroke Survivor Success Story of Hope Inspiration and Courage!

 This is a chance for me tell to you about my exciting adventures.
 In this story I will be having
real conversations with Geniuses
 and their  own Spiritual, Mental and Physical struggles:

 Here are 3 Examples :

1. A Musical Composer who has Aspergers.
2. Web/Graphic Designer who is 40 years old and still lives with his parents in their attic.
 3. A Pschologist whose wife died at a young age.
 He is trying to find a New wife.

 And of course my own struggles with
Conventional Medicine.

 And My Newest Challenge :
Preparing For Hernia Surgery.

A Happy Healthy life : My 5 Steps

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