Wednesday, February 8, 2017

In Jail

"Mr. Walters, don't move. We're going to take some pictures of your brain." Move? I am totally strapped in and too tired to do anything. Just want to go to sleep, so stop talking to me and turn off that machine cause you're making a racket! This was scary and embarrassing. What will my neighbors think? How ironic! Get Fit with Rich plastered all over my car. This will spread like wild fire in the community. Man, I feel tired and weak! When I woke up I was in my 'cell.' I looked around. Behind me to my left was a monitor beeping with what looked like little strobe lights pulsating. Beep, beep, beep, pulse, pulse, pulse. This is the worst disco I've ever heard! Next to me was that classic hospital table that spins around so you can eat in bed without moving. Pretty disgusting to have a bed pan sitting next to a pitcher of water with  a plastic cup rolled up in more plastic. My 'cell mate' was blasting the big screen 'low-life-idiot-nonsense' TV. I mean BLASTING! Normally, this would make me very angry. I would have to restrain myself and tell myself that anger is akin to idol worship and I need to calm down and respectfully, politely, ask him to please turn it down. I feel no emotion. I lost my free will.  I can't talk, my body is restrained, needles and tubes are attached to all weird places on my body. My right side is totally limp and feels dead like a mega shot of novocaine was injected into it. I can hear my brain think. It sounds like the clanking of a Purim gragger. Little foggy bubbles are shooting at targets of things I am trying to remember. I CAN'T DO ANYTHING! I am a useless prisoner trapped in jail.  I started to cry.

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